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Latest Nailer Reviews

If you're looking for a free-to-go framing nailer that doesn't require a hose and pulling a heavy compressor to fire nails, the cordless framing nailer might be the best choice for you. With the advancement of technology, a cordless framing nailer can generate the same power that a pneumatic nailer

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We all know that various types of nailers are available in the market, including brad nailers, finish nailers, siding nailers, roofing nailers, flooring nailers, palm nailers, pin nailers and framing nailers. Each nailer's work is different and is used for specific types of woodworking needs. But in this review, we will focus on finish nailers, especially on DEWALT DCN660D1

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A pin nailer is just another pneumatic or battery-powered nail gun. It's comparatively smaller than other nailers, such as Finish, Brad, or Roofing nailer, and designed to fire 23 gauge headless pin nails. Therefore, it's an ideal tool for use in the most sophisticated woodworking projects, especially designing anything with

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The air compressor probably the most annoying part for many finish carpenters to do their nailing job. Lugging the compressor in, untie air hose, searching power, oiling nailer, and striving to avoid tripping over the hose as they pull it around all day. Not to mention the racket, because it

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Makita is one of the renowned brands in the tools industry and has quite a reputation for its quality products. So, it's no wonder that they would produce well-designed, robust, and accurate pneumatic brad nailers for their users. Hence, Makita AF506 is the newest 18GA brad nailer model that comes

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