Top 5 Benefits of Using a Nail Gun 

 February 5, 2021

By  NailGunPro

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Still on the fence about buying a nail gun? Nail guns are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including framing, roofing and a host of other jobs. These powerful tools are capable of shooting hundreds of nails into a wide range of materials from thick concrete blocks to thin wood panels.

If that’s not enough to convince you to buy a nail gun, we have five more advantages that this power tool offers.

1. Get the Job Done Faster

Yes, experienced workers can drive many nails in a minute, but even the most advanced workers can’t compare to the speed of a nail gun. Once the pieces of wood are lined up square, a nail gun can drive three nails to secure a joint in the time it takes to drive one nail by hand.

If you want to get the job done faster, nothing beats the speed and accuracy of a nail gun.

2. Keep Your Fingers Safe

When driving nails manually, you have to hold nails in place with your fingers and thumb, which greatly increases your chances of injuring your fingers.

While it’s possible to injure yourself while using a nail gun (and safety protocols should always be followed), these tools are considered safer because you won’t have to continually hold nails in place with your fingers.

3. No Need to Carry Around Nails

Not only do nail guns allow you to get the job done faster, but they also eliminate the need to carry nails around. Yes, your movement is restricted slightly because you’re connected to an air compressor and hose, but you won’t have to carry around a bucket of nails. If nothing else, your tool belt will be lighter when using a nail gun.

4. Improved Accuracy

The biggest advantage of using a nail gun is that it’s highly accurate. With manual nailing, it’s possible to miss the target, or hammer nails in a crooked fashion. This is something that wouldn’t happen with a nail gun. The nail will go precisely where the tip of the nail is.

When nails are driven accurately and properly, the quality of your craftsmanship increases significantly.

5. More Power

Each time a nail gun drives a nail, it does so with an equal amount of pressurized force. As long as the tip of the nail is in the appropriate position, a nail gun will always be superior in the power department. When nailing manually, it typically takes two to three hits to get the job done. It takes just one hit with a nail gun.


There’s no doubt that an experienced user can use a hammer quickly and effectively, but nail guns will always be more powerful, more accurate and quicker. If efficiency and time are your primary concerns, a nail gun is the clear solution. When used properly, nail guns are also safer than a typical hammer because your fingers will never be near the nail or the gun’s line of fire.

No matter whether you’re roofing, framing or tackling a home improvement project, a nail gun can move things along quickly, efficiently and safely.

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